Public Service Announcements

In terms of reach and return on investment, there is no tactic that rivals a public service announcement (PSA). PSAs air during commercial time, on radio and television in all markets. PSAs run in “donated” ad time and to make the grade must be provided by a true non-profit organization or advocacy partnership and serve the public with educational or informative content. To pass the approval process a PSA should avoid a direct request for donations or monetary support and instead include a clear call to action or direction on what people can do to support the cause. Highly desirable topics for PSAs are education, environment, health and safety and content in Spanish is also in high demand. 

Boom has the great pleasure and honor to work with small, medium and nationally recognized non-profits on causes that matter. Your cause becomes our passion and we are proud to have amplified change in an endeavor to:

  • Make sure no child in America goes hungry
  • Put an end to sexual assault and domestic violence
  • Pursue cures for cancer
  • Educate Americans about healthcare options
  • Improve and advance high school education
  • Communicate advances in medical research
  • Make it easier to volunteer


We so appreciate Boom’s thoughtful process for our campaigns! We learn from you each time and make more informed decisions for the next program.
— Marcie, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


When building the right approach to your PSA campaign we'll start with the message. Is there new content: video or audio in the works? Are we working with you on production? Or is there existing content we can edit or use? Who is your audience and what is the call to action? What media makes sense: television, radio, online or all three? What are our budget parameters? These are the first questions we’ll ask when we begin our work together. Once we’ve answered these questions, Boom will develop recommendations, considerations and build our timeline, always with respect to your budget, goals, and timing considerations. 



Television. Radio. Online. Ultimately, media outlets will choose to air or post your PSA if the message resonates with their audience. But to be considered, your PSAs must make it to the decision maker – after all, if the spots don’t arrive on the platform or in the format the station needs, it’s dead on arrival. With the transition from analog to digital, it’s never been more critical to maintain the most up-to-date information and technology in order to make delivery and formats a breeze. With Boom's proprietary station database, strategic partnerships with digital delivery providers, and ongoing dialogue with media outlets, you can consider it done and done properly.



Metrics. Analytics. Results. Boom utilizes the most updated usage data from Nielsen and Compete to provide detailed audience and viewership information. Expect:

  • Total airings
  • Audience reach
  • Markets
  • Stations
  • Ad values
  • Key demographics