Broadcast and Online Media Relations Specialists

Artfully amplifying your message on television, radio and online


We are a group of seasoned professionals determined to engage with your team and extend your message to the broadest possible audience. We’ll strategize to identify the right tactic for the campaign, then seamlessly execute the project as if we are part of your internal staff.

In today's reality of immediate access to any and all information – from social media to blogs to 24-hour news cycles – it is essential that your story, news or cause finds a way to cut through the noise and engage your desired audience, on multiple media platforms, including traditional news outlets. To successfully engage, we help you craft and deliver content in the right format, on the right platform, to the right audience.


Why Broadcast?

You’ve likely already crafted a campaign around your news, story or cause: the narrative. Now, how to connect that narrative with your intended audience? Television, radio and online media are all mass media outlets reaching millions – a significant opportunity to broaden the reach of your message complementing your owned and social media plan. At the strategy stage, we’ll hone in on how we craft, then deliver the narrative to your desired audience via broadcast media relations tactics.


Story + Strategy = Tactics

Based on the strategy along with your assets, we’ll submit one or more tactics for your consideration:

  • Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

  • Radio Media Tour (RMT)

  • Online Media Tour (IMT)

  • Radio News Package (RNR/ANR)

  • Television News Package (Broll/VNR)

  • Public Service Announcement (PSA)

  • Custom Media Relations – publicity - pitching

  • Content creation – video – audio


Make it Go Boom!

Our dedicated project team will drive your strategy and tactics from planning, production, pitching, placement through tracking and reporting in order to deliver the key performance indicators specific to your campaign.



Seasoned Professionals

The staff at Boom, a.k.a. Boomers, bring over 50 years combined experience in PR, media relations, marketing communications and content production. Our hand-picked teams work closely with our clients to develop innovative ideas and strategies to ensure that your campaign is seen and heard, with a resounding boom!

Whatever your unique objectives, you can be sure that we will work to meet or exceed expectations from planning to implementation to results. We are a vested partner in the success of your campaign. Just ask our clients.


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