Positive Vibrations

photo 4 I always had an attraction to big rocks. At each home I owned, I was lured to a rather large rock by my house, where I would sit on and think. I made it a place where my daughter and I could talk. We called it our “special rock.” It was a sacred and safe place. Today, my now 8-year-old asks to talk on our rock when she has a question. Cool, I think. Weird, to others…. 

Never knew why I was drawn to a rather large rock. At age 42, through yoga, I am learning that rocks actually help ground us. Who knew??? Anyone who knows me would agree that Shari definitely could use a little bit of grounding.... Maybe I should have sat on the rock longer! Hey, it’s never too late.

What I am learning as I train to be a yoga instructor - in my spare time - is that rocks actually are very spiritual places that help us become one with earth. Root ourselves. Apparently, sitting on a rock could help you find your own super power… apparently, everyone has one! It could help us find answers.

If you are unsure of your super power, take moments to sit in silence, on a rock!!!  All by yourself. Leave the phone in doors, no matter how hard that is. And, it is super hard because then I can’t see who texted me or posted a picture of their daughter in a cheering outfit on Facebook…and tell me how great their life is… blah blah blah….

Giving ourselves space and silence is a gift we give to our mind and souls…and let’s not mention to our clients and staff, all of whom will all gain clarity from our grounding since that’s where our creativity and our super powers come from. The ability to sit in silence and not feel anything. Just think. Letting our minds wonder. Some people call this being lazy. I call this creative idea generation… or using positive vibrations from a rock - earth - to be intuitive. So, as the leaves turn colors and it gets darker earlier, I challenge my PR and marketing PEEPS to take time to sit on a rock and ground yourself, while there is still daylight. Think in silence. Away from the computer, away from the office. Maybe an answer will come to you….  maybe an answer that you didn't know is even in question.

More soon on positive vibrations.

Keep them coming please!!