Sounds like a contradiction right? Why do a news announcement without including the media? We're finding our clients are doing it all the time - leaving out TRADITIONAL media that TV news, radio pitching, sometimes even leaving out the online brands of traditional print media outlets. Well the times...they are a changin' (or maybe, just "correcting...") With social media, came the recognition that a new golden child had emerged for PR professionals: here is our audience, let's go get 'em. And so, a strong focus on print and broadcast began to wane while social got all the love. Now that analysis of user behavior online is showing us that users are getting wise to the sponsored post, and wise to navigating AROUND digital paid (ads) maybe it's time to recognize that social is really not replacing a traditional media outlet, but now just joining the party. A well-planned news announcement, event or charitable cause should include multiple media strategies in order to effectively capture print coverage, broadcast coverage, and online media coverage. In fact, PR in general is proving to be more effective than content marketing altogether. Here at Boom we have a stake in broadcast being a strong part of the PR plan. In other words, don't get caught with your broadcast down. Some respectable organizations have some stats to back us up:

PEW RESEARCH: "Local TV remains a top news source for Americans, with almost three out of four U.S. adults (71%) watching local television news compared with 65% viewing network newscasts and 38% cable news over the course of a month, according to our analysis of Nielsen data from February 2013." Here is that LINK TO READ MORE

HUFFPO/NIELSEN: "Content Marketing is 88% less effective than PR" A couple items we like:85 percent of consumers regularly or occasionally seek out trusted expert content -- credible, third-party articles and reviews -- when considering a purchase (hello online media relations...) 67 percent of consumers agree that an endorsement from an unbiased expert makes them more likely to consider purchasing (ahem, RMT or SMT anyone?) Here is THAT ARTICLE to read more

So there you go, once again, the rumors of (print, broadcast's) demise have been greatly exaggerated! Cheers to you PR, cheers to you.Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.00.40 PM