This month, Boom turned TEN YEARS OLD! Not quite a kid, not quite a "tween." It can be a confusing I hang with the kdis, or sit at the big table? Are we gurus now or are we still cutting our teeth on this biz? I'd say, a little of both. When we launched boom 10 years ago, we didn't need to consider the challenges of pitching an entirely new media outlet. Who knew that ten years in, we'd rarely, if ever see another beta tape, that the news cycle would be reduced from a week or so, to a few days, to a few hours? What we've always known, however, is that to get our clients' story told, we would need to dig in a bit, find the interesting WHAM factor (What Here Applies to Me??.) We also knew, and still know - that you don't discount a media outlet lightly - be it print, television news, or radio news. Like kids in the family, they all have their place.

So, to celebrate 10 years, we are comitting to making sure that you, our dear clients and partners, always have the latest, greatest, and smartest insights from us. Today - that's (wait for it...) a little tidbit about local TV news!

After you consume this interesting bit, sit back and enjoy our little bitty thank you video...made with love, for you!

According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, local TV viewership grew in 2013 despite trends in the last couple of years that it was declining. In 2013, local TV viewership grew in all three major time slots. Viewership climbed 6% in the morning (5-7 a.m.), 3% in the early evening (5-7 p.m.) and .1% in the late-night spot (11 p.m.). In a time where it seems most Americans are relying on social media or online news first for their headlines, these statistics were a great improvement and restored faith that local broadcast TV still remains as a top news source for the US. Read more HERE