Radio Alive and Well - Thanks for Asking!


According to Arbitron  about 92% of consumers aged 12 years and older listen to the radio each week.

News/Talk/Information + Talk/Personality remained No. 1 in PPM markets and No. 2 in the rest of the U.S. The 2,121 rated AM, FM, HD Radio®, and streamed stations in these formats far exceed any other format. Like other spoken word formats, N/T/I + T/P rank prominently in highly educated, high income listeners.  Which is WHY radio should be in every PR effort you launch.

We know that while satellite and digital radio sources like "I heart radio" and Pandora are growing in popularity, terrestrial radio still has an overwhelming audience appeal.  Not only is radio effective, it's cost-efficient. Typically you will have a resource/spokesperson for your press release quote, right?  Well, that equals "asset." And that asset should be considered to advance a radio tactic:

  • Radio News Release.  Get that quote off the paper and into the airspace. We record soundbite, add voice over to round out your feature and voila - a neatly packages RNR is ready to go.
  • Radio Media Tour. Does your expert or spokesperson have a free morning?  Is your topic interview worthy? Then let's plan a 1/2 or full RMT that can be conducted from the comfort of your spokesperson's home, hotel or office.

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