Online Video Strategies

Yes, there are now thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute. But that doesn't mean that YOUR video content should not and could not be seen by thousands: Your SM program likely includes devoted followers, and your campaigns and efforts are adding to that number constantly (hopefully!) But what about your Video Content? Your YouTube channe? Are they getting as much attention? According to ReelSEO:

YouTube Optimization = Quality + SEO + Community

The best piece of advice that I can give for optimizing video on YouTube, is that, it is NOT about metadata and text alone. It is no longer enough to rely on titles, descriptions, and tags for getting videos ranked. This may still work for very long-tail keyword queries, but there are now many different YouTube ranking factors, both on-page and off-site. YouTube optimization, especially for competitive keyword phrases – it is about a combination of 1. creating quality, compelling video content 2. publishing using SEO best practices, and 3. engaging with the community, both within as well as outside of YouTube.

So you’ve got your social media sites up and running: you’re on and actively populating Facebook. Your Twitter profile is active and your dedicated staff is tweeting regularly. Your YouTube channel is up and you post all your videos there…but wait – is anyone _actively managing your video channel?_ Seems to us that Facebook and Twitter get all the love lately!

Yes, your YouTube channel should be staying relevant. How? First, you should actively promote each video you post. If you’re not, you should be talking to Boom about Online Content & Conversation (OCC.) We’ll aggressively promote all new videos you post. But then what? What about your channel overall? Well, if you’re not keeping your Channel fresh, interesting, and optimized, then after each video promotion your traffic and that presence will drop – so what’s the solution?

Enlist Boom to promote your YouTube Channel on an ongoing basis. OR Let us kick start the process to make sure this let of your Social Media plan is as strong as the other communities you are working so hard to keep relevant and fresh. Here’s what Boom can do for you:


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