The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Content from Conferences and Conventions

“Content, content, content” has replaced “location, location, location” as the buzzword de jour. Compelling content is what we need to populate our websites, social media pages and internal comms channels to keep stakeholders engaged with our organizations. We churn it out, but face it…some weeks we look up to find our wells running dry and need to prime the proverbial pump. One commonly overlooked source of solid content is conferences and conventions. Medical, consumer product, technology, food/beverage or otherwise – all can be a treasure chest of interviews and video footage to use in a variety of ways for many months following the meeting.

Think about it:  in-demand thought leaders and key stakeholders all in one place at one time with the backdrop and excitement of a credible, third-party event?Take full advantage!

Certainly, planning ahead will get you the most mileage at the lowest cost – you can book a production crew and a suitable place at the conference site or nearby hotel to conduct scripted interviews with spokespersons, internal leaders/execs as well as capture product demos. But even an impromptu scheduling of a crew to shadow you around a conference can give you hours of material to package and fulfill your content marketing strategy. If nothing else, consider all that footage as “content reserves” to tap into when you’re running short on material to trickle out or to complement other PR/marketing activities.

And don’t forget to package existing content ahead of time to use while you’re at the conference (e.g., video to broadcast on a loop from your booth, or to show prospects on your iPad) and if you have breaking news or something innovative to share, consider conducting a media tour right from the conference.

You may have missed this opportunity for the fall conference season, but don’t get caught leaving content on the (conference) table in the spring! Boom has extensive experience working these events. Contact your rep for a complimentary brainstorm now on ways to make the most of your next conference or convention. Think of it as a gift to yourself that will keep on giving.