Today’s Boom-in-the-room will explore why radio media tours work well to get your message out. Radio media tours or “RMTs,” afford you the opportunity to reach a broad audience with your message. It can also be the right tactic if you are trying to reach a specific audience demographic or specific markets.

A radio media tour is also cost-efficient. Unlike television outlets, your RMT might include placement on 1 – 3 syndicated networks – which means that one interview airs on hundreds of stations across multiple markets – delivering an outstanding return on investment for a broadcast tactic.


  • Longer interview segments than television
  • Can sometimes include listener call in
  • Radio listeners tend to be active listeners and respond well to call-to-action
  • Spokesperson can typically have more latitude with message points
  • Extremely cost-efficient, as with 1-3 nationally syndicated interviews secured during each tour

RMTs have a number of other advantages. For instance radio interviews average between 6-8 minutes whereas television interviews are approximately 3 minutes or less.  So radio affords more time for your message to be worked into the interview.  Another strength?  Radio interviews can include listener call in – which can lead to even longer interviews that engage the audience.  And, the radio audience tends to be the most responsive when asked for a call to action. Finally, in general we find that spokespeople have more latitude with the key messages during a radio segment.

So when evaluating a spokesperson for a radio media tour it is important to look for a personality that will resonate with the demographic you are targeting.   For instance if you want the FM morning zoo-type shows be sure you have a music personality, sports star or celebrity that fits this 20-something demographic that these outlets are programming for.

Once you’ve chosen an expert, celebrity, or fascinating spokesperson you are ready to craft an interview that will be of interest to radio programs during morning drive.  Remember, Boom is here to help with all of these elements along the way.

Bottom line? Radio media tours are a strong, viable, cost-effective tactic to get your message out to a broad audience. Keep this tactic in mind during your next planning session.