Super Tactics that should be in your PR plan

Super Tactic #1 Online video - if you are not promoting or posting your videos or clients' videos online you are missing a HUGE opportunity.  Contact Boom and mention POSTING POSSE. Did you know you have an ENTIRE TEAM at your disposal to post, embed, promote and DRIVE VIEWS to your video?  And it gets better...we can embed your video with instant links to websites, social media pages, contest sign up us for a demo on that.  This is not "hey we can syndicate/send put a link on 8 gazillion news sites"....this is measurable, online media relations.  What are you waiting for?   click here to get more info!              CLICK HERE to see some of the videos we've already promoted online.

Super Tactic #2

The Hybrid Media Tour.  “All-Media Tour” “New Media Tour”  Yes, an SMT can still get you seen, heard...even a winner!  (ask Cheerios - they found a fan, and a winner of a contest via an airing in San Diego featuring Cal Ripkin.)  We weave radio and online media segments into the tour to MAXIMIZE return on investment (AKA ROI) - throw in social media video production and you have the SUPER FOOD of broadcast media relations tactics:  The Hybrid Media tour.  And Boom guarantees a minimum number of placements for your tour - there is a reason our clients consider us their secret weapon when it comes to dazzling the end client...find out yourself. Call or email us to brainstorm your next project 303-904-2100, or, click away...

Super Tactic #3

Social Media Integration. I know, Your team may or may not "own" the social media piece. But are you at least integrating your traditional PR activities with the appropriate media's twitter and Facebook?  How about a direct message to the media complimenting the job they did covering your story?  We provide fb and twitter handles for the media we secure - leaving it up to your team how to leverage.  Simple, but clever. That's how we roll.  Let us know how we can help make your team rock stars.